Sunday, April 18, 2010

Maybe I will get one, I don't know

Chloe Style Sunnies
- pls state color brown/ black
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both color also same size, the black one looks small due to photo angle.
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Metal Side Big Frame Sunnies
- only available in Black
- Stars' favourite design
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Olive Oil Hair Mask
- 600ml very big jar
- no need to steam
- instructions: after cleansing hair, apply some on hair, massage 2-3 mins, then wait for 5-8mins, rinse off with water.
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Lovely Pearl Hair Clip
- size:around 3.2*9cm
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3-way Sun Protector Sleeves
- pls state color: black, white, beige, blue, pink
- very cool and convenient, a thin layer of cloth have 3 in 1 function as per depict in below pics
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Creative Light Bulb Necklace
- the necklace rope is dark brown in color, 180cm, adjustable
- light bulb 30*55cm
- the light bulb can b lighten up (rainbow colors) when switch on the button
- battery is included already. the button battery is changeable with appropriate tool
- b center point of attraction in party, ktv, concert etc
- also can b a safe tool for gals who need to walk alone in late night rclxms.gif
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Seakelp Mask (NEW packaging)
- 200g, 12 small pckts
- strongly recommended! for whitening, moisturising, lighten pimples scars
- Seakelp from Thailand is very mild, no additional ingredients at all. Very natural and very safe to be used.
- This seakelp is not only used to produce mask, but also is a food in to reduce heatiness in China
- Do not judge this by its ugly packaging. U must try it
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