Friday, February 27, 2009

How to get rid of fire ants?

I have a question which I like to know. That is how to get rid of fire ants? I do not like to see fire ants but they are up in the garden. They are two mango trees at the garden. That attract the fire ants and it has nests up the trees too.

The mango is not sweet and it is very sour. The mango is good to cook for curry! The malay loves them. I know because a friend told me that her colleague used them to cook curry fish lemak.

The smaller the mango the taste will be better.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Cricket and Monkey Giveaway@My Organized Chaos

Do you like contest or giveaway? Here is one that you can take part. It is Cricket and Money Giveaway@My Organized Chaos.

What you can win?
Cricket & Monkey - a small blanket and bib set! The winner will have their choice of design!

Easy to take part in the giveaway, just click on the link to find out!

Giveaway ends on 28 Feb, 2009.

More than just a contest

I love take part in contest and very soon. You will see some contest on this blog as well. Do you have a blog? If yes you can take this chance to take part in contest too.

They are many type of contest and some need you to blog it. Some contest will need you to review the website.

It is up to you to take part the contest that you like.

First post

This is going to be the more and plus more blog of mine. I just love blogging and I do not think that having more blogs will be difficult to take care.

You just need adjust your time of blogging.